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Historic Preservation

Bellefonte Museum for Centre County

Located in the heart of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, the Bellefonte Museum of Centre County offers thematic exhibits. Grown-ups call it a heritage museum; kids are convinced it's a children's museum. Everyone agreed it was in need of restoration. Lee Cowan Design + Build resided dormers, replaced roof with standing seam metal roof, all crown molding, cornices and eaves, and painted and preserved the exposed wood. More >>

Schleiden Exterior Renovation and Porch Construction

This Victorian beauty was in severe disrepair. The project required the complete removal of all exterior paint and the replacement of damaged siding and trim, before it could be primed and painted. Lee Cowan Design + Build also rebuilt the porch using existing columns and railings to maintain the design integrity of the historic building. More >>

Hannegan Historic Home Structural Replacement

The Hannegan historic house was built in the 1854 with 2x boards stacked in the tradition of log cabin construction techniques. Over time, the sill plate and the lower courses rotted compromising the structural integrity of the building. Lee Cowan Design + Build jacked up the side of the house to allow for the replacement of the bottom four courses of structure. In addition, they replaced the bottoms of all 20" board and baton siding and custom made and installed 4" x 6" window sills and window trim on two ends of the house.

In a second phase to the project, the roof, crown, and siding have been replaced.

Nancy's House
July 2002

This historic Victorian home was in need of complete exterior renovation. Lee Cowan Design + Build removed existing paint, reset nails, puttied, sanded, primed, and painted the intact exterior, and resided the rear of the house. In addition, we replaced 12 window sills and window jamb bottoms, replaced 52' of sill plate, and removed and refurbished all window jambs and sashes. To improve drainage, Cowan Design Build installed a French drain and retaining wall. More >>